There is a reason why everyone can’t wait to see Lady Gaga at an event. She brings some (or a lot) new things on the red carpet every time. At the 59th Grammy Awards, she was dressed in black and metallic chains wearing Alex Ulichny – an American artisanal clothing line. Her get-up sure looked Metallica inspired with powder pink hair, fiercely spiked details and thigh high boots. Celebrity makeup artist Sarah Nicole Tanno is the force behind her rocker-punk look but that’s not all you need to notice. Check out 5 things you need to acknowledge about Gaga’s look at the Grammys.

1. Her Makeup slays just as much as the outfit

2. Spikes, chains & under-boob cleavage

3. She performed with Metallica wearing Metallica

4. So much swag under 10 seconds

5. Even her nail game has spunk

Need we say more?