Om Swami Allegedly Molested & Attempted To Rape A Woman

Sukriti Gumber , 13 Feb 2017
Om Swami

In yet another disgusting act, Om Swami has crossed all limits this time by allegedly molesting a woman in Delhi. A case has been filed against him by the woman, who reportedly claimed that Om Swami and his companion attempted to humiliate her by tearing her clothes apart in the Rajghat area on February 7.

According to IndiaToday, they also abused her, and later fled when she started crying for help. As per reports, the woman said that the men took her to their room in an ashram near ITO, where they attempted to rape her. She reportedly begged them to let her go, but they abused her and threatened to ruin her image.

Tsk- tsk! Om Swami’s antics are getting worse day by day and he needs to be put behind the bars soon enough.

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