The Sweetest Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Hrishitaa Sharma , 14 Feb 2017

Love is in the air everyday of the year but in February it’s a little extra! With the Valentine’s Day celebration, we have got all kinds of happy feels in our heart. And there’s nothing better than keeping your special memories closest to you.  Yes, we are from the digital age who still cherish the substance that can take us back to our happy place. A happy place can be a child’s video game, a girl’s sale shopping, a boyfriend’s proposal to his girlfriend. FujiFilm’s Instax range of cameras puts all such special moments in a cute, instant photo for us to keep forever! Take a look at how we’re celebrating our Valentine’s Day and get inspired to make some special memories of your own.

My happy place is shopping.

“Nothing can beat the joy of shopping your heart out. I keep my Instax closer on a sale day!”

My BFF is my happy place.

“One beautiful day it was me, my bff and my Instax on the beach. Every now and then I look back at that beach day!”

My happy place is asking my best friend to marry me!

“The moment she said ‘yes’ made me the happiest man alive! That moment is always with me, making me happy always.”

My partner in crime is my happy place!

“We mostly fight all day but mom says she sees how much we love each other in all the photos.”

Happiness is… fighting & making up with my sibling! @instaxindia #Instaxicated

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My dog is my happy place!

“There’s nothing that makes me happier in the world than to cuddle him after a long day! When I miss him, I pull out the instax and it feels like he’s in my lap.”

Happiness is… coming home to my dogs! Double tap if you agree. @instaxindia #Instaxicated

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My happy place is the age old support from my husband.

“Time has only made us happier and we have gazillion Instax to support that statement!”

Happiness is… spending Valentine's with that special someone forever! ❤️@instaxindia #Instaxicated

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My happy place is my fam-jam!

“The bond never changes, it only becomes stronger with sweet memories. Instax is keeping a count of that!”

Happiness is… family time on Sundays :) @instaxindia #Instaxicated

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That’s how Instax keeps you closer to your happy place at all times! Want one of your own in cute colours? Click here to buy!

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*This post is in partnership with Fujifilm. 

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