PHOTOS: Aww! Keith Sequiera And Rochelle Rao Just Got Enagaged

Sukriti Gumber , 14 Feb 2017
Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira (Source: Instagram | Shannonzirkle)

There were a lot of speculations surrounding Keith Sequiera and Rochelle Rao‘s marriage, and the rumours have finally been put to rest as the adorable couple from Bigg Boss 9 is finally getting married. YAY!

After days of planning to propose Rochelle on a beach in the Andamans, Keith’s attempts went vain due to his lady love’s work commitments. When that did not materialise, he planned another trip to the hills (Rochelle’s bucket list includes witnessing snowfall). However, that did not happen either, soon after which Rochelle got a whiff of his plan through a common friend.

Keith Sequeira, Rochelle Rao (Source: Instagram | Shannonzirkle)

Later, Keith planned a romantic dinner for the two of them, and finally popped the question – but the process was not that smooth.

Rochelle told us:

He didn’t realise that I knew, so I thought he was planning something that day itself because he must have found out from my friend that I had a clue. So when I got a message saying that he wanted me to come over, I got all dressed up because I thought he is going to cook me dinner, and propose, and going to be so cute… and I was all excited. I get to his house and he is sitting in his shorts, watching Bigg Boss, eating salad and I was like… okay, there is nothing romantic going on.

A few minutes later, Rochelle was crying thinking she messed up Keith’s plan. It was then that Keith decided that was the right moment to propose.

He said:

I thought maybe the way to do it is to just keep it real. So I decided that is the right time to propose… any time is as good as now, forget about all the romantic stuff… let’s just do it the real way, the way our relationship has always been. And that’s when I decided to propose to her!

And ta-da! They were engaged! Isn’t that incredibly cute?! Congratulations, Keith and Rochelle!

Rochelle Rao, Keith Sequeira (Source: Instagram | Shannonzirkle)

P.S – No better day than Valentine’s Day to announce this good news!

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