This Bollywood Actress Was Worshipped By College Students To Help Them Lose Their Virginity

Sukriti Gumber , 14 Feb 2017
Disha Patani

If you are even slightly acquainted with Delhi University, you must be aware of the bizarre ritual that the students of Hindu College follow every year on Valentine’s Day. Students, especially single guys conduct a pooja at the Virgin Tree called Damdami Mai every year on this day, where they choose an actress to worship.

As funny as this may sound, students (or so-called millennials), mostly boys believe that if they worship the tree, they will find a suitable match and lose their virginity within a year. This year, the actress who has caught the fancy of these boys is Disha Patani. She was chosen as the “Goddess” for this ritual as she emerged a favourite with most boys.

Wow! Going places, Disha!

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