Sonu Nigam Talks About Singing For Shah Rukh Khan In Raees And More

Swagata Dam , 17 Feb 2017
Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

After being on bed rest for quite a while, Sonu Nigam is now back with a bang and has already started wowing the audience with his voice again. Amidst the promotions of the popular singing reality show Indian Idol, I had managed to catch up with him for a quick conversation (and I EVEN SANG WITH HIM!). Here’s the video.

I simply love this man! And I am also currently in love with his song Halka Halka from Raees.

Beautiful song, isn’t it? So I caught up with the singing sensation to talk about it and more. Excerpts:

Two of your most celebrated songs, Yeh Dil Deewana and Kal Ho Na Ho feature Shah Rukh Khan. And now, you’ve sung Halka Halka for him in Raees. How special is singing for him?

Yes, it is very special. In fact, singing for anyone is always special. Kal Ho Na Ho,  Yeh Dil, Main Hoon Na and Halka Halka are all very different songs and people have loved them equally. that is very satisfying as an artist.

How was it working with music director Ram Sampath? What sets him apart from his other contemporaries in the Bollywood music scene?

Ram sampath is a new age composer. And one of the most real people in the industry. His style of music is different and stands out. What I like about him is his clarity, his thought and vision about what he wants in a song is bang on. And moreover, he has spine.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

Everyone loves the duets of Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. Many of your songs with Shreya Ghosal have had a magical impact on the audience too… <

Kishore da and Lata ji are very big legends. Shreya and me have some really great songs but I wouldn’t like to compare at all. The fact that people enjoy our songs is what is important, rather than comparisons and tags. As a singer, I rate Shreya as one of the best ever. I can listen to her for hours.

A tip for all the aspiring singers out there? 

Just be patient and keep up the hard work. There’s a lot of competition and rejection out there but with perseverance and focus anything can be overcome.

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