Priyanka Chopra Gives Us The Perfect Solution For A Bad Hair Day

Natasha Patel , 18 Feb 2017

Although Priyanka Chopra is busy taking over the world, we somehow caught up our desi girl and spoke about something that is near and dear to all our hearts—her hair! Yup, we’ve noticed that PC’s mane has always been so god damn perfect that we keep wondering how she keeps it looking so fab… Here’s everything she has to say from her quick bad-hair-day fix to her face on the big Pantene billboards as their first ever Global Indian Ambassador. Read on:

1. Your first thought when you found out you were selected as the first ever Indian Global Pantene Ambassador.

It’s a big honor to represent an iconic brand like Pantene across the world.  A favorite around the world, I love that Pantene celebrates and advocates that being strong is beautiful.

2. What was the shoot for your TVC like?

I literally “let my hair down” and had a lot of fun during this shoot… when you see the TVC, you’ll understand.  Also, the entire team was wonderful …. I love it when a good idea comes together.

3.  How did they prep and style your hair for the shoot?

The prep was quick and simple! They washed my hair with the New Pantene which gave it a great base for the entire shoot.  Some shots included the wet hair look (which is so much fun to shoot). My look for the shoot was simple yet strong.

4. What is your daily hair routine? Brush? Straighten? Blow dry? Treatments? Product?

All of that and more! As an actor, my hair takes a lot of abuse because it is constantly being styled to suit the character that I am playing.  And since I pretty much work around the clock, my hair often goes through multiple styling during any given day. Such intense styling leads to hair damage. But taking care of your hair requires time, which is a scarcity in my life!  With the New Pantene, I’ve found a great collaborator… with just a simple wash and condition, my hair feels stronger, thicker and healthier.  Simple solutions to big problems!  I know I sound like a spokesperson, but don’t just take my word on it. Give it a shot. It really works. 

5. How often do you wash your hair?

Sometimes every day or twice a day. I love fresh hair.

6. Any hair treatments or tips for our readers on how you keep your strands so healthy?

Every now and then I use Coconut oil for my hair! It works wonders. It’s also critical to use the right shampoo and conditioner that works towards nourishing your hair and not one that strips it of its nutrients. Your hair is your crowning glory so you need to give it some extra love.

7. What is your favourite Pantene product and why?

My current favorite Pantene product is the new Pantene with its improved Pro-Vitamin formula and goodness of oils. It’s wash and go… but it also nourishes my hair from root to tip. And… it smells amazing. 

8. What do you do when you’re having a bad hair day?

Just turn it into a cute top knot or high pony.

9. What is your biggest hair grievance?

Thankfully my genes have ensured I have no major hair grievances!  But it rankles that sometimes my hair gets more attention than I do!  I shouldn’t complain but my hair has its own legion of fans and someone has even created a twitter handle for it!! I’m beyond amazed!

10. What is one hair style or color you always wanted to try but are afraid to?

I’ve wanted to try a really short boy haircut and electric blue hair. 

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