Photo: Alia Bhatt Has The Most Touching Birthday Wish For Her Grandma

Divya Rao , 21 Feb 2017

Alia Bhatt is very close to her family. She often posts pictures of them and doesn’t shy away from talking about how happily dysfunctional they are. Her grandma, Gertrude Hoelzer, just turned 88 yesterday and knowing Alia, she obviously had a lot of lovely things to say about her bond with her grandma. She took to Twitter to share this picture and said, “My beautiful grandmother turns 88! She sang a song on her birthday whilst playing the mouth organ! Now I know where I get my musical inclinations from! Her life is so inspiring! She’s one of the most unique and special people I’ve had the privilege of knowing and loving! P.S. – After taking this photograph she insister that her hair didn’t look up to the mark!

How adorable, these two! Happy Birthday, Alia’s grandmum. :)

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