Rahul Khanna Tweeted About Breaking Up After 20 Years And The Internet Went Crazy

Priyam Saha , 25 Feb 2017
Rahul Khanna in Narendra Kumar Ahmed beige linen suit and adidas Originals ‘Court Vantage’ suede navy sneakers at the opening of shazé’s Colaba store (Photo courtesy | Viral Bhayani)
Rahul Khanna

The Perfect Man aka Rahul Khanna has massive fan following since forever. He may not have had an active career in Bollywood over the years, but his charm and great looks ensured that he never faded out of public memory.

Little is known about Rahul’s personal life, so his latest tweet obviously came as quite a shock to everyone. He tweeted about breaking up after 2 decades…

And twitter didn’t know how to deal…

Turns out, the tweet was directed at British Airlines, as mentioned by Rahul in his blog post. Much ado about nothing, I guess?!

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