It’s about that time of the year again when I write one of my favorite blogs. The SulaFest recap! In fact, this year was EXTRA special because the fest just turned a terrific 10! I’ve been going for 10 years myself so it was a bit of a landmark moment for me too. 🙂 And I have to say, the way I’ve seen it grow and prosper is truly mind-blowing. What Rajeev Samant, Noi Cecilia Oldne and the epic SulaFest team have been able to pull off is nothing short of legendary! Wanna see how? Check it out now. xoxo

1. Oh Rajeev.

This guy! It was so cute because everyone kept coming up and congratulating him at the afterparty and he kept saying, “for what?” as if the 10 years of epicness was just par for the course. Well mad props to you Mr. Samant, you have done it again!

2. Beauty (on duty).

Most people know by now that Noi Cecilia Oldne is the heart and soul of SulaFest (not to mention the brand itself) and probably the most stylish festival dresser I have ever seen! This time she taught me how to make the festival’s signature cocktail the ValenSeco – a delicious combination of Sula Seco Rose and RAW cold pressed Valencia Orange juice. YUM!

(Although I won’t lie, on day two my breakfast was a Bloody Mary – #hangovercure)

3. Resort living.

The Sula expanse now also boasts of an awesome resort slap bang next to the action. Which was AMAZING whenever we wanted to freshen up, charge our phones or take a nap (ok, who am I kidding. Who naps at SulaFest?!) Thank you C for the wonderful hospitality! In fact our room was so close to the reception whenever someone would say, “hey can you call reception” wise guy King of Clubs would open the door and holler, “reception!” LOL.

4. The crew!

You know the people you roll with make the party right? Well my crew is all kinds of epic (and we added a few legends along the way!)

And because, why not? We hopped on to the Grants wagon (or in this case see-saw) to try our luck at balancing the barrel. Check out how we did!

And of course Marvellous Meg! This little firecracker is Megumi from my Delhi team who has just relocated to Bombay to head up Music at MissMalini (yay!) She was wandering around backstage managing various artists with a headset on and kept saying, “there are voices in my head.” Lol. #TeamAwesome

5. Fest dressed!

This was my own fave look from the festival, what do you think? An adorable little label from Jaipur called Aapro Label! Plus my stylist Nelly Wadia let me live in my boots all weekend. #Winning

6. Backstage Shenanigans

One of my FAVOURITE things about my job is the fact that I often get to chill backstage and interview the DJs, artists and performers. So imagine my delight when I got to meet Infected Mushroom and the Afro Celt Sound System! In fact the King of Clubs and I tagged teamed our interviews and had a total blast! (That’s a Facebook video coming soon.)

7. Kabir Bedi’s Boomerang skills!

‘Nuff said.

(Dhruv Ghanekar has some pretty epic photo bombing skills too btw!)

8. Street performers!

What really makes a festival vibe come alive are the little touches that catch your eye. And this year they had a band of travelling performers that wandered through the venue doing beautiful (and very boomerang-able) things!

9. Confetti!

I don’t know about you but my idea of heaven is a regular shower of confetti. In fact all I want for my next birthday is rainbow confetti falling from the sky while I dance on the beach in Bali (or in a club, I’m not fussy). Possible? 🙂

10. The trippy light man.

Another part of the legend of SulaFest (for the lucky lot) is Rajeev’s after party. This generally goes on till dawn and has a selection of the most awesome DJs on deck. This year one absolutely trippy (and utterly adorable) performer showed us some skills which I never knew involved so much math!

So there you go, these were just a few of my favourite things, but the King of Clubs will be back with a round up of the party vibe, interviews and all-round awesomeness very soon!