Round Up: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Malayalam Actress’ Molestation Case

Round Up: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Malayalam Actress’ Molestation Case

Divya Rao

In an event that shook the entire film industry, a popular and successful Malayalam actress was kidnapped and molested by her driver and two others less than two weeks ago. The prime accused, her driver – Pulsar Sunil, had worked with her for months, when one night he planned to abduct the actress on her way home. Two of his friends allegedly forced themselves into the vehicle and the trio drove around for two hours, molesting her, and then forced her to pose for questionable pictures. After this, they dropped her off at a friend’s house at 10pm. The actress was notably shaken and traumatised, and later filed an FIR with the police.

He has now been arrested by the police and it is being hoped that this will help the actress slowly get back to normalcy. The phone from which the pictures were taken hasn’t been found yet but the cops assured her that they’re doing their best to find it. Her driver, Sunil, in a statement said that he did this to blackmail her and get a hefty sum in return.

Her close friend and actress Remya Namibian – whose house she was heading to that night – spoke out to Indian Express in her support.

She is with me and she is slowly recovering from the horror. Her fight is not just for herself but for all women in our society. She had apprehensions about the fact that the main accused had not been nabbed but now she is fine. She is recovering now and all of us are trying hard to help her.

According to a report in Bollywood Life, another friend of hers revealed the actress is shaken.

She has been in counselling ever since the incident happened. She has resumed shooting, but is unable to sleep and is on sedatives.

Her fiancé is doing his best to support her too through these tough times.

Her fiancée, who is a producer, has stood by her through all this. In fact, he insisted that she gets back to work. She shot for a few scenes on Monday. He was on the sets, protectively hovering around her, making sure she was not asked uncomfortable questions.  She has also switched off her cellphone.

Her co-star and friend Prithviraj lauded her courage and vowed to never be a part of misogynist films ever again. He was one of the first actors to speak out and render his support to her.

More power to her for being so strong and resuming shooting whilst trying to get back to normalcy. This unfortunate incident has brought the whole South Indian film industry together to fight for her justice. Stay strong, you.