Alia Bhatt Responds To The Death Threats She Received

Divya Rao , 04 Mar 2017
Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan

A couple of days ago, Alia Bhatt and her family received anonymous death threats. A man had made repeated phone calls to Mahesh Bhatt, asking him for a ransom. Bhatt lodged in FIR asap and the police were quick to nab the culprit – Sandeep Sahu from UP. He told the police he did this so he could repay his loan. This obviously is a scary situation for anyone and Alia spoke up on the matter with India Today.

I think the police and my dad are brave they did not give me a chance to get worried. They just took over. The matter is sorted and solved and everybody is safe and happy. As a parent, my father has made me feel safe. With him, by my side, I had nothing to worry about.

Brave girl! We’re glad she’s okay and her family’s safe.

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