Here's Why Karan Johar's Twins Will Stay In The Hospital For 2 More Weeks

Sukriti Gumber , 06 Mar 2017
Karan Johar

We were ecstatic to hear that Karan Johar recently became father to twinsYash and Roohi through the miracles of surrogacy. The entire industry rejoiced with the new father, who had long wished to nurture his paternal feelings, and was finally able to fulfil it.

Although the exact day of the twins’ birth is unknown, a report in TOI states that they were born 2 months premature, on February 7, due to which they are likely to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks more. As per the report, a family friend of Karan said that the twins, 1.5 kgs each, were born to a surrogate in an Andheri nursing home and were immediately shifted to Surya Mother and Child Hospital in Santacruz.

Here’s hoping the babies reach their new home soon enough!

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