Rishi Kapoor is known to be very vocal on Twitter, and the actor can sometimes become fairly aggressive as well. Shit seems to have gone down again on Sunday night, and from the looks of it, it resulted in him sending at least two women abusive messages via their DMs.

It all started when he posted a “quiz” to his Twitter, asking people to guess what he and Karan Johar had in common:

The answer was that they’d both named their sons after their fathers:

But, of course, he received some troll-y and negative answers in response:

Rishi Kapoor didn’t take kindly to this particular message, and lashed out at the guy, calling him a “dickhead”.

Quite a few people called him out on this tweet, including two women who allegedly received DMs from him after he read their messages.

A woman named Samina tweeted him to tell him that he can’t abuse people just because he’s a celebrity:

Rishi Kapoor apparently replied by calling her a “bitch lick”, and then blocked her:

Rishi Kapoor's DM (Source: Twitter | @RealArnabG)
Rishi Kapoor’s DM (Source: Twitter | @RealArnabG)

About the incident, Samina told us:

These celebrities think they can get away with abusing women. It was disgusting and I am horrified with Rishi Kapoor’s behavior.

After Samina’s screenshot was posted on Twitter, another user came forward to say that the same thing happened to her:

This girl, too, was blocked after he sent her the message.

They aren’t the only ones, though.

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of a DM she allegedly received from the actor late on Sunday night, but this one wasn’t abusive in nature – although you could certainly make the case that it was inappropriate.

All she did was tweet Rishi Kapoor a simple hello:

And then she received this in response:

She didn’t get blocked – but also apparently didn’t get a reply when she said that her DP was that of a Bollywood actress (Ileana D’Cruz).

Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor is still on a Twitter tirade: