This Video About Boss Women At The Workplace Is The Most Inspiring Thing You'll See Today

Divya Rao , 06 Mar 2017

It’s the 21st century and today, there are more women in the workforce than there ever have been before. They’re go-getters, are unstoppable, ambitious, and have their own signature working styles, enabling them to break gender stereotypes and any other barrier there may be. Vivel has launched a wonderful campaign called #AbSamjhautaNahin, to crusade against mindsets that tend to stereotype. They want to empower women by enabling self-belief and self-reliance within them, helping them lead an equal life. As part of this, they’ve decided to introduce us to a few boss ladies out there, who have all had incredible journeys and have shattered the glass ceiling in business. They chose to follow their dreams despite challenges, and live by the mantra #AbSamjhautaNahin.

Meet these boss women.

Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Group, underscores how women need to change. It is the woman who has to make the choice to be the protagonist, the victim or the bystander of her own story!

Shradha Sharma, Founder and Chief Editor of Your Story, points that women easily love everyone around them but forget to love themselves and in the process ignore their own dreams and desires and settle for a life of compromises. Shradha’s message to all parents – “Love your girls for being girls.”

Sushma Rajagopalan, MD & CEO, ITC Infotech, urges parents to ignite a sense of ambition in a girl child right from a very young age. It is important to treat both small and big ambitions alike.

Pallavi Shroff, Managing Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, stresses that the most important thing for a woman is to believe in herself that she is capable, competent and can do whatever she wants to do.

Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice-Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals, believes that a woman will always be faced with a multiplicity of choices but most of the decisions will be based on others. Thinking about yourself sometimes actually is good for everyone.

Watch them talk about parenting, sexism, women and family support.

You go, ladies! More power to you and your indomitable spirit, because it’s about time every woman said “Ab Samjhauta Nahin”.

This post is in partnership with Vivel.

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