Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Priya Malik's Badass Photoshoot Is Something Every Woman Should See

Sukriti Gumber , 07 Mar 2017
Priya Malik

In light of the recent diktat by the female principal of a college asking girls to “dress like ladies” in order to avoid having hormonal issues – it is clear that misogyny is deep – rooted in our society. Women & Child development minister, Maneka Gandhi also recently asserted that hostels should have curfews for women in order to avoid any “hormonal outbursts”. It’s indeed sad that despite fighting against patriarchy for years, such rules are still laid out for women.

Ex – Bigg Boss contestant Priya Malik started an initiative, #DressLikeAnIndianWoman to stand against the patriarchal mindset and society stereotypes with her latest photoshoot. Speaking about the same, she said:

We have these women (the college principal and Maneka) linking our clothes to our hormones and encouraging regressive practices. With the International Women’s Day looming ahead, this photo series is not an incitement to start smoking but an idea representing that “Yes, smoking kills but so does living by other peoples rules. #RuleOutRules There may not be a lipstick under my burkha, but there sure are choices, options, opinions and a voice under my lehenga that will not be silenced by your noise. We need to understand and appreciate our choices to cover or bare our bodies and implement our own agency in terms of lifestyle without it being dictated to us.

Without further delay, take a look at these photos:


Priya is all set to perform a women oriented play named Selfie in Los Angeles on the the 12th of March, followed by a performance in Chicago on the 18th.

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