Video: Show The Razor, Continue The Fire! #ShaveYourOpinion

Divya Rao , 09 Mar 2017

Women across the globe are constantly scrutinized and judged by the society on what they wear and how they dress. Since when did it become okay to give an opinion on a woman’s choice of clothes?  Why should the length of her hemline be anyone’s business but hers? Or for that matter how does it matter if she chooses to use a razor? Her body, her choice, right?

We asked women of substance – Deepika PadukoneSoha Ali Khan, and Neha Dhupia on how they felt about the unwarranted scrutiny regarding their wardrobe. This evoked a strong statement from them and hence was born #ShaveYourOpinion.

#ShaveYourOpinion is a mark of protest against those who judge and an encouragement for women to not care and be confident about what they wear. We, at MissMalini, fully support this movement. Wear what you want. Be bold. Go short, sleeveless, let go, express yourself freely and #FeelTheBreeze. Let the world change itself. And if anybody raises a question to your wardrobe, beauty and grooming choices, ask them to – #ShaveYourOpinion.

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