We told you yesterday about Shekhar Suman‘s random but cryptic tweet about a ‘cocained actress who has fallen flat on her face’. While he didn’t take a name, it was rather easy for those reading the tweet to jump to conclusions. Kangana Ranaut‘s fans were quick to take her side and troll Suman on Twitter and this obviously became a much bigger issue than he’d probably hoped for.

Suman clarified this with Bollywood Life and said it was a generic tweet.

“I didn’t talk about a cocained actress. Cocaine is just a metaphor in the sense it is a general statement for all those actors and actresses, primarily for those whose success has gone to their heads. Cocaine means you know, feeling high about your success.

When asked if this was about Kangana, here’s what he said.

No, that’s their misfortune and that’s their prerogative. See whatever we read even in history, it’s open to interpretation. Anything that Kabir says or Shakespeare says has 10 meanings. It’s how you interpret a thing. So if you are guilty about a certain thing then you will be like is it directed towards me? But NO! If it was to be directed towards you then your name will be mentioned, I will give you that sense of satisfaction and privilege by mentioning your name.

He also added,

There are 10 billion actresses in the world who have been facing failures and who suffer from overconfidence. So you know it’s a very optuse statement. If you want to think it’s directed towards you then you are free to think that but the fact is I haven’t mentioned anyone’s name but please allow me to have the benefit of the doubt. And cocained actress doesn’t mean the person in question takes cocaine. How would I know? I don’t know! I used it as a metaphor, like when you say smashed out. Not necessarily mean that you are high on booze or drugs, you can be high on success but you have lost your sense of bearing.

Umm okay, Shekhar. What do you guys think? Could that cryptic tweet have very well been about any of those 10 billion actresses or a certain Bollywood actress?