Manveer Gurjar Partied Till Late Night With This Bigg Boss 10 Contestant

Sukriti Gumber , 14 Mar 2017
Manveer Gurjar

Apart from gaining fame for winning Bigg Boss 10 as a commoner, Manveer Gurjar was in the news for his alleged closeness to fellow housemate, Nitibha Kaul. The two bonded rather well, and even hung out together after the show ended.

Akanksha Sharma

However, turns out that Manveer is now getting too close to Nitibha’s Bigg Boss BFF, Akansha Sharma. According to a report in SpotboyE, Manveer walked in to Hard Rock Cafe in Andheri past midnight, accompanied by Akansha. They reportedly partied till 5 am in the morning and also hung out together at Endemol’s success party for Bigg Boss 10 where most of the contestants were present. Nitibha was also among those present, but Manveer kept to Akansha’s side. The two continued to drink and dance alone, even after others had left.

Hmm. What’s brewing, guys?!

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