Here's What Rajkummar Rao Has To Say About Nepotism In Bollywood

Divya Rao , 16 Mar 2017
Rajkummar Rao

Rajkummar Rao is one the most talented actors in Bollywood. One look at his previous work and you’ll know we’re not lying. The man has got an impressive line up of films for 2017, and something makes me believe that 2017 is going to be his year. Apart from being a terrific performer, Rao is also known to speak his mind on pertinent issues.

In an interview with Indian Express, he was asked what he felt about the Bollywood’s hot topic right now – nepotism, given he’s an outsider himself. Here’s what he said.

I love watching talented actors on screen, I don’t mind if they’re somebody’s son or daughter in the industry. I want to see talent on screen. The problem would be if they are not talented an they are still on screen, then that’s not fair! So, if someone is worthy and talented, then why not? I have no problem with that.

Couldn’t agree more! Talent over industry connections, any day. PS – Sonam Kapoor and Anushka Sharma too spoke about this. You can read them here and here.

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