Kapil Sharma Breaks His Silence On His Fight With Sunil Grover

Divya Rao , 20 Mar 2017
Kapil Sharma

A lot has been said about Kapil Sharma and his fight with Sunil Grover. Reportedly, a drunk Sharma verbally and physically abused Grover onboard their flight from Australia to India. This reportedly happened amidst their co-passengers and the airline staff had to intervene to calm Kapil down. DNA also reported that Sunil now wants to quit the show and won’t shoot for another episode as he’s really upset with Kapil’s ill treatment towards him.

Kapil had also initially said that he doesn’t remember this fight as Sunil and him fight every day and on every flight, but they fight for good work. He now taken to Facebook to open up on the matter. Here’s what he wrote.

Okay then!

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