Karan Johar Finally Reveals What’s Inside The Koffee Hamper And We Wish We Had It Too!

Team MissMalini , 20 Mar 2017
Karan Johar

This season of Koffee with Karan was less on the controversial side and more on the fun side, which you could argue was actually good. After all, too many conjectures and scandals take away the true charm of the amazing talk show that it is. Apart from the episode with the Rangoon cast, the entire season had more laughs with coffee shots and Koffee quizzes than over-the-top, divisive statements.

The rapid fire segment of the show has always been our favourite, and so the curiosity around the goodies inside the famous ‘koffee hamper’ has never managed to die down. Thankfully, Karan Johar finally chose to reveal what was inside the beautifully decorated hamper this season, and why every guest on the show wanted to bag it.

Here’s the list:

  • Brownies
  • Koffee mug, which has Goury’s health bars
  • Merlin Levitating Orbital speakers
  • Personalized roasted coffee
  • Coffee French Press
  • Nordic Candy
  • Forest Essentials – Cleansing Paste
  • Kohler voucher worth Rs 5 lakh
  • Health Jars by Nilofer Qureshi
  • More chocolates
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Cookies
  • Cheese platter from The Label Life

Never have we more wanted a hamper!

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