Fashion Week is over. And no matter how thankful our feet are, we can’t help be a little sad. The fashion, the backstage action, the models, the designer shows all shall be missed. But for a beauty junkie like myself, I shall miss the hair and makeup looks the most! Elton J Fernandez and Ambika Pillai with their respective teams really killed it with creative and imaginative ways that brought about the trendiest of beauty looks together. Here are our faves:

1. Bold makeup for Vogue India’s #VogueHeartsSari

2. Colourful dread locks & kohl smokey eyes for I Love Perl

3. Double winged liner & twisted low ponytails for Wendell Roddricks & Malini Ramani

4. Glitter eyes & nails for Namrata Joshipura

5. Twisted knots for Shaina NC, Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti & Rina Dhaka

6. Flush pink tones for Guapa

7. Romantic braids for Tarun Tahiliani & Amit Aggarwal

Let us know your favourite look. Holler if you want a tutorial!