Here’s Why You Need To Try Out Derma Rolling

Here’s Why You Need To Try Out Derma Rolling

Jyotika Udeshi

If you were told that rolling hundred of tiny needles across your face would guarantee better skin, would you do it? Derma rolling, or micro needling as it’s also known, is a trending practice that promises to do just that.

Source: Stacked Skincare
Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller | Source: Stacked Skincare

As the needles penetrate your skin, they cause microscopic injuries which amp up the production of collagen. Although it can be slightly painful (depending on the size of the needles), the benefits of this method are multifold. Read on to see them all.

1. It Reduces Wrinkles

Skip the Botox and roll away your fine lines instead. The increased levels of collagen fill in your wrinkles and give you a tighter complexion.

2. It Increases The Effectiveness Of Your Serum

Use your most expensive serum whilst derma rolling. The tiny holes on your face allow the product to seep in deeper and thus give you better results.

3. It Deals With Scars Of All Kinds

Whilst you should never roll on an active zit, this method is a genius at erasing at post-breakout scarring. It even works wonders on stretch marks.

4. It Battles Against Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles are caused due to blood pooling around the thin skin under your eyes. Since this treatment thickens that area (thanks, collagen!), it makes these circles less visible.

5. It Plumps Up Your Pout

Yes, you can try this over your lips. Your Angelina Jolie-esque pout will thank you.

6. It Brightens Up Skin

Hyperigmentation, dark marks and dullness are a thing of the past. Roll regularly to refresh your skin, and use a brightening serum to maximise results.

As with all things related to skincare, regular use and patience is key. Whilst you can use a derma roller at home, it’s best advised to do it under the care of a dermatologist. The results are absolutely worth it.