Manveer Gurjar Hits Back At Akansha Sharma After She Said She'd Rather Date A Frog Than Him

Sukriti Gumber , 22 Mar 2017
Manveer Gurjar

After Akansha Sharma denied rumours of dating Manveer Gurjar, saying she had rather date a frog instead if him – Manveer too decided to answer back. Naturally, after Akansha’s low blow statements, it was quite unlikely that Manveer will stay silent.

In a Facebook live session, Manveer said:

It’s great if Akansha feels like dating an animal. She said that she would rather date a frog than me, but she should first ask the frog, if it will date her. If the frog responds with yes, then she too has fans.

Check out the video:

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