This TV Actress Was Married Since One Year & A Half And Nobody Knew About It!

Sukriti Gumber , 22 Mar 2017
Narayani Shastri

Showbiz is a tricky place to be in. Most aspects of a celeb’s personal life are out in the open, and hardly anythin remains hidden from the public eye. Therefore, we were quite surprised to know that Narayani Shastri has been married for one year & a half – but nobody knew about it!

Narayani Shastri with her husband

Narayani has previously dated ex-Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Gaurav Chopra, and Kkusum actor, Anuj Saxena. But the actress is now happily married to Steven Grarer aka since September 2015. She spoke about it openly after all these months:

Tony is media shy. Honestly, both of us didn’t want to get married. We actually got married because one day we were wondering, “Why don’t we want to tie the knot, given that the two of us want to be together always?” It was rather strange. This thought came to us one day and we called the registrar the next day. I was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and had only my mother and a few close friends at the wedding. We did not want to blow it out of proportion. Tony and I needed some time to get comfortable with the idea of being married and now, we are comfortable with the thought.

Pleasant news, Narayani! Wish you both a very happy married life!

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