The on-going and highly public fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has only been getting murkier by the day, especially after the latter decided to quit the show. Following him, fellow comedians – Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar – too have reportedly decided to walk out of the show, and didn’t turn up to shoot. For the time being, Kapil has been trying to get other comedians to fill in for them and now, Krusha Abhishek has come out in support of Kapil. He told Pinkvilla that this has been blown out of proportion.

Everybody, every group of friends fight. Kapil and Sunil are also good friends, well I don’t know whether he was drunk when the fight happened, but I am sure this must have been a normal fight between two friends. The group is together since four years now, so such issues must be happening every now and then… I am sure even you must be fighting with your besties. But it’s just that, once it’s constantly been written about and spoken about, things tend to automatically become big. But it’s actually just blown out of proportion.

He also added,

I have never had any issues with Kapil. Kapil respects me a lot and so do I respect him. We must have had minor issues but never disrespected each other. I have never come across Kapil disrespecting me anytime. He never mixes up personal and professional issues. I don’t know why people are talking ill about him.

He’s one of the few people to have taken Kapil’s side in this matter.