Kapil Sharma Allegedly Hit Sunil Grover With A Shoe After Consuming An Entire Bottle Of Alcohol

Sukriti Gumber , 24 Mar 2017
Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma has been in the news all throughout this week due to his physical altercation with Sunil Grover. The former is said to have physically misbehaved with Sunil on a flight in a drunken state. After this incident, Sunil and a couple of other actors apparently quit The Kapil Sharma Show and we hear that the makers have already roped in new actors for the show.

According to new reports that have surfaced, a crew member of TKSS – who wishes to remain anonymous – told a leading daily what supposedly happened on the flight. Kapil allegedly consumed an entire bottle of alcohol and got furious when he got to know that the team was having food before him (while he was still drinking). Reports suggest he got angry and started abusing everyone. When Sunil tried to control him and requested that he not use foul language, Kapil apparently lost his cool and hit Sunil with a shoe. Not only Sunil, other team members – including a woman – were allegedly hit by Kapil.

Reports continue to say that he didn’t stop here, and started abusing everyone in Punjabi. He apparently further said he is the only mard (man) in the team and they dress up as women to earn money, hinting at Sunil and Ali. He also pointed out that Sunil had left the show, but returned when his show Mad In India flopped. The cabin crew is said to have intervened and warned him, but Kapil apparently continued with his rant anyway.

If this account is indeed true, no wonder Sunil chose to walk out of the show.

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