By now Kendall Jenner should be a household name. And over the years, this 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel has been everywhere with the best people in the fashion industry, getting dressed in the best designer clothes you can dream of and walking the ramps in Paris, London, Milan and many, many more.

Of course, being a supermodel comes at a price—the price of having to look ridiculously  stylish even while crossing the streets of NYC! Stylist Monica Rose has Kenny clad in some of the most unique and daring, yet unbelievably fashionable looks we could never have even visioned together. Check them out:

Hoodies with blazers

Denim crop-top cutouts

Neck scarfs

Body chains, two-peice sets and fur

All gold and all leather

No bra and a whole lotta fur

Coat over a hoodie and thigh-high booties

Leopard on leopard on leopard

Oversized, high waisted pants

Tucked in corsets

Fur coats

All red and snakeskin

Crystallised low-cut dress

Which was your favourite look? We’re so torn because we love them all!