In an unfortunate turn of events, TV actress, Pratyusha Banerjee, committed suicide in April last year. While the reason for it is still not known, it was rumoured to be because of constant fights with her boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh, and financial issues. This April 1st will mark one year since her death, and her best friend, Kamya Punjabi, is paying her the most heartfelt tribute. She is releasing a short film Hum Kuchh Keh Naa Sakey in memory of her best friend, which was one of the last projects Pratyusha worked on. Ironically, the film bears a stark resemblance to the way things panned out for Pratyusha.

Speaking about it with TOI, she said,

Though a work of fiction, it will seem quite similar to what Pratyusha must have gone through. She will be seen heartbroken, resorting to vices like drinking and smoking. As a narrator, I will interlink her reel and real lives, and question viewers on why people change in love and choose to remain silent sufferers. Pratyusha didn’t use glycerine while shooting the emotional scenes. I too was nursing a heartbreak at that time.

Interestingly, Pratyusha’s boyfriend in the film is also called Rahul. Kamya confirmed it was her idea to name the character Rahul.

She also added,

I wish we had spoken about our problems. I felt helpless watching the film. We couldn’t shoot the climax as she ended her life before that.

Aww. This must’ve been so tough to watch for Kamya.