Update Your Regular Liner With The Dotted Eyeliner Trend

Update Your Regular Liner With The Dotted Eyeliner Trend

Natasha Patel

Once again the beauty world has come up with another way to level-up your basic cat-eye! This time it’s the dotted eyeliner. Seems pretty ordinary as compared to the wild mermaid and neon eyeliners we’ve seen all over IG, right? But just ‘coz it’s simple doesn’t make it less pretty—and trend-worthy!

What is it? And what you will need

This trend popped up on quiet a few runways last year and now every beauty blogger has been recreating this tiny but bold eye look. All you need to do is create tiny dotted circles with a liner along the lower lash lines to make eyes look bigger and brighter and bigger. Or you can just create a wing liner with dots!

How to pull it off?

This look is pretty easy to create. You can use a liquid liner or a liner pencil to make these small dots. The best part is that these dots are so faint and small it’s easier to remove if you happen to mess up. And ta-da you are ready!

Inspo board:

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