Here's Some Good News For Ishqbaaz Fans

Sukriti Gumber , 29 Mar 2017
Leenesh Mattoo

We told you earlier that Leenesh Mattoo who plays Rudra, and Subha Rajput who plays Priyanka in Ishqbaaz are quitting the show. While Subha was leaving the show as she felt her track wasn’t leading anywhere, Leenesh had reportedly bagged a film.

According to IndiaForums, Leenesh is not quitting the show after he had a conversation with the makers. They reportedly had a successful negotiation and managed to retain him in the show. Leenesh told the online portal:

I was planning to quit the show for some reasons, but things are sorted now and I am very much part of the show.

Phew! So glad to know the Oberoi trio will remain intact!

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