Priyanka Chopra Dishes Out 3 Beauty Secrets She Got From Her Momma

Natasha Patel , 29 Mar 2017

Priyanka Chopra Reveals 3 All-Natural, DIY Skin Secrets

Priyanka Chopra shares the beauty secrets she learned from her mother:

Vogue Runway 发布于 2017年3月26日

Priyanka Chopra has got to be the most sought after celebrity out there! And when you’re a fashion and beauty influencer, anything and everything you do gets adapted by millions. From the coolest trench coat seen on her at a premier or a trendy braid while grocery shopping… Everything is taken in.

Vogue Runway caught up with Priyanka and got to know the three unique beauty secrets she got from her momma! From body scrub to a lip scrub and even scalp treatment, she’s got all the DIYs every girl needs!

Click the video above to watch!

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