The Year Of The Shoulder

The Year Of The Shoulder

Mitali K. Bhandari (The Closet Stylist)

This is THE shoulder baring year! By now you should hopefully have at least one (or all) of these styles in your closet. Can you think of any other body part that remains flattering no matter how many brownies you wolf down? Yup! That would be your shoulders.

From runway to street style, shoulder-baring outfits have ruled and are having an encore year! The trend is sexy and a bit flirtatious while still looking classy, which is what we want. Enough chit chat without further ado here’s a quick walk through of the different shoulder-baring styles and how-to style them tips.

With A Pair Of Pants

Let’s try and do away with our skinny jeans just this once. Put on a pair of cropped frayed ones instead, don’t pout! Slip on a pair of wide leg trousers or a chic pair of high-waisted cropped pants. This will more than makeup for the skinny jeans void.

With A Skirt

The shoulder baring look is so versatile that it can even amp up your skirt-wearing game. How do you like that?

With all of the above, experiment with different tucks and belts. Try a full tuck, a half tuck or leave your shirt out. You will be surprised as to what a difference a simple tuck or a belt can make to pull your entire outfit together.

#StyleTip: Want to convert your fav off shoulder into a one shoulder? Simply pull one shoulder down. You did not think of doing that, did you? Shhh! Don’t tell the designers.

Now go out and warm up the evening with your cold shoulders!