This TV Actress Got A Sexy Photoshoot Done After Losing 33 Kgs

Swagata Dam , 29 Mar 2017

Daaljiet Kaur, who was last seen in Kaala Teeka, recently opted for a makeover. And must say, she’s looking sexier than ever. She says, ” I have promised  myself to look better and better every day and I’ll be able to compliment myself in a couple of more months, it’s work in progress. I had touched about 86 kgs and now I am 53 kgs… I was fat and ugly and I was not happy when I looked at myself. For me, this makeover is for myself I am not doing it for anyone else. If that gives me benefits in my work then that would be great”. Here are some photos from her recent photoshoot.


When asked about her weight loss journey, she shares, “I did a lot of gymming  and followed strict diet regime. I still follow the diet and it has become my lifestyle which I did not follow earlietr. I don’t eat maida (white flour), fried food or junk food. If I want to have tea, I have it with jaggery instead of sugar. So there’s a substitute for everything in my life now. Overall, it’s a transformation of the entire lifestyle. Attagirl!

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