Here's Why Rani Mukerji's Baby's Photos Aren't Out In The Media

Priyam Saha , 30 Mar 2017
Rani Mukerji

We live in a world where ‘star kids’ is a legit Google term. There’s been lots of curiosity about Rani Mukerji‘s baby Adira since she was born. In fact, not too long ago, Adira was snapped with Aditya Chopra and the Chopras were not happy about it at all. The YRF clan ensured that the photos didn’t come out anywhere and went to great lengths to have that photo taken off the internet.

Speaking to the media, Rani said:

I don’t mind Adira’s pictures coming out, but I don’t think her father is very comfortable with it. Adi and I are a unit and I have to respect his wishes. I am a public figure, I know Adira is going to be clicked and people would want to see how she looks and I don’t have issues with it at all. I would love to choose a picture of Adira’s and give it out for my fans and other people who want to see her. I am sure Adi will be ready in time. I think he feels it’s too early now. I told him, ‘You have to kind of accept that her picture will get clicked and printed some day because unfortunately you are married to an actor.’

Well, we’ll be waitng :)

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