Today’s Women’s Day! And since it’s all about appreciating the lovely ladies of the world, I would like to give special thanks to 7 unique women who rock my world; with every beauty product they launch, with every quote the live by and with every inch of love, determination and drive they have to make a name and make the beauty space reach new heights.

Scroll down to know who these 7 amazingly talented and inspirational women are:

1. Jen Atkin

Celebrity hairstylist to Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and so many, many more. Jen is one of the few celebrity stylist that truly speaks to my soul (I legit had a dream where we were BFFs). Her free and fun nature combined with her exemplary hair skills are the few reasons why this lady gets every beauty girl’s attention. And she’s officially verified on Snapchat too! So let’s double up the points, shall we?

She created her own haircare label, OUAI

She tied up with Chloe & Isabel to create some stunning hair accessories

2. Huda Beauty

From working in finance to becoming a beauty influencer, Huda Kattan has not only changed the way we should portray beauty but she’s managed to build a mother effin‘ empire! She’s humble, stunningly beautiful, a mother, a business woman and an incredible makeup artist. How does this woman do this?

First there were the unbelievably cool lashes (packaging included)

Then liquid matte lipsticks in stunning colours and formula

Of course, the ultimate rose gold eyeshadow palette

And now a highlighting palette that gives you a 3d glow

3. Bobbi Brown

Being a professional makeup artist and having written 8 books along with being the founder of her billion-dollar namesake company, Bobbi Brown sure is one of the worlds most coveted and loved beauty brands out there. She started off by introducing a palette of natural hues, which then turned into an Instagram followings of 2M with a makeup and skin collection that features on every girl’s shelf.

Her skincare range is sooo hydrating

Her concealers are iconic masterpieces

She just launched her lipstick Art Sticks

4. Jessica Alba

Jessica’s Instagram bio states that she’s; a mom of two, founder of The Honest Company, Honest Beauty, a terrible speller, a loyal friend and she plays make believe for a living. Well, we’re not sure about the speller part, but the rest is definitely on point. The Latina beauty takes on so much and we absolutely love the drive and commitment.

It includes skincare, makeup and now even baby diapers

5. Pat McGrath

If you know makeup, then you know what a true goddess Pat McGrath really is. Not only is she amazing at what she does but her vision and creativity knows no bounds. Last year Pat came out with LUST 004 and the entire beauty world went cray cray. And since then liquid gold has never looked and felt SO good! Glitter lips has become huge trend and it’s all thanks to this lady here. You’re a genius Pat.

Pat McGrath (Source: Twitter)
Pat McGrath (Source: Twitter)

She first introduced her LUST 004 glitter lips

After that came the Metamorphsis 005

Then came the Skin Fetish 003

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Soare founder of ABH Cosmetics first launch a brow product in 1998 and since then has not only been grooming Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows (2008 onwards), but she’s managed to create and deliver the most amazing makeup products (from brow pencils to liquid matte lipsticks, to shimmering shadows), building a brand that’s as popular as Kim K!

Anastasia with Kim Kardashian (Source: USWeekly)
Anastasia with Kim Kardashian (Source: USWeekly)

The Brow collection that even the stars use

The holy grail of highlighters; Glow Kit

The lip palette that can make a customised lip colour in seconds

7. Kylie Jenner

Would she need an introduction? The youngest Kardashian-Jenner is making a name for herself and how! Kylie might be only 18 but she’s soon creating a mini KingKylie army and taking all our money with her. Being a beauty lover, she first started her Kylie Cosmetics line with the Lip Kits—which practically got sold out in minutes. And since then, she only continues to designs and create makeup products that have us beauty addicts waiting on her website for hours on end!

Starting things off with her in famous Lip Kits

Then came the limited editions and holiday editions

The creme eyeshadows also made a statement

The burgundy palette (you remember her obsession with that colour?)

Then finally came the highlighters—Or should we say Kylighters

There you have it—7 of the most beautiful and fierce women in the beauty industry that’s turning their names into an empire. So much love and respect for each one of these ladies!

Do you guys have a fav? Tell us in the comments below!