23 Times We Wanted To Raid Shilpa Shetty’s Wardrobe

23 Times We Wanted To Raid Shilpa Shetty’s Wardrobe

Natasha Patel

1. That yellow with blue and white panelled Goyard handbag

2. Matching workout clothes

3. Chic skater dress

4. Belted sari

5. Striped wrap top with metallic slide-ons

6. Gatsby-like dress

7. Cinderella-like gown

8. Slogan sweatshirts

9. Velvet over layers

10. Ruby red asymmetrical dress

11. Super cool tinted sunnies

12. Sophisticated trench coat

13. This Amit Aggarwal jacket

14. High waisted, flared jeans

15. Perfect distressed denims

16. Floral printed tie-up jacket

17. Wearing high-street looking high-fashion

18. Birkin and coral-coloured strap-ons

19. Graphic Kurt Geiger heels

20. Bodice pants and a contrasting crop top

21. Embroidered, high-neck sari blouse

22. The bright fuchsia earrings from Valliyan

23. Statement-worthy pants from Lola by Suman B

Phew! That was just a few we loved…which were you faves?