Our Favourite Face Massager Now Doubles Up As A Makeup Applicator

Natasha Patel , 03 Apr 2017

Remember the OG Clarisonic? Yes, the little tool that removes all the excess oil and impurities on your face, giving you a smoother and healthier complexion—That’s the one! Now however cool you thought that genius brush was, you’re going to want to change your mind. Say hello to the Sonic Foundation Brush; the fastest way your foundation will melt into your skin.

Although it’s technically not a brush, it’s a brush head that fits into most of the Clarisonic devices. And just like any other cleansing brush head, you start off by dotting the liquid product onto your forehead, cheeks and chin, then start gently glide the bristles across your face to give you an even spread.

Because of it’s compatibility with all the cleansing devices in the Clarisonic range, AND it basically cuts your makeup application time in half, this foundation brush is about the only thing we need RN!

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