This Guy Wanted To Ask Deepika Padukone Out And Here's How People Helped Him

Shreemi Verma , 05 Apr 2017

Who doesn’t want to be with Deepika Padukone right? It really doesn’t matter on your sexual orientation, the actress has won hearts all over the country and her ‘crazens’ are madly in love with her. One of her many admirers is this dude, who decided to express his feelings on Quora.

So sweet, so pure.

Of course, people decided to ‘help’ him out and give him the best advice they could conjure.

1) This dude chose sarcasm (spoiler alert: many did)

2) This noble soul tried to help him though

3) While this one had a very DDLJ-isque ‘impress her father’ suggestion

4) While this person searched for inspiration in the West, like most of us do

5) This man mistook the Kapil Sharma show for The Bachelorette

6) Purab, is that you?

7) And finally, the best answer.

You can read the entire thread here.

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