Badshah Reportedly Refused To Act In A Sex Comedy Produced By Karan Johar

Shreemi Verma , 08 Apr 2017

Singer and rapper Badshah has now become a household names due to hits like Kar Gayi Chull, Kaala Chashma and Tamma Tamma. Karan Johar and he share a warm relationship as well, but apparently that wasn’t enough for Karan to convince Badshah to take up acting. According to Rajeev Masand‘s column in Open Magazine, Karan reportedly offered Badshah the leading role in a movie he’s set to produce. While Badshah considers Karan as a friend and mentor, he politely declined the offer because the film is a comedy about a man who is unable to sexually satisfy his wife.

Badshah was not comfortable with shooting intimate scenes for the movie and that seems to be the main reason for his refusal. Apparently Varun Dhawan encouraged him too, but the rapper developed cold feet and decided to let this one go.

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