Every Woman Needs To Watch Neha Dhupia's Powerful New Video

Swagata Dam , 10 Apr 2017

Sexy and strong, fearless and fabulous – Neha Dhupia represents a section of women that didn’t exist several decades ago. Or maybe they did exist, they just didn’t show it to the world. Years have passed and girls have climbed mountains and flown in space. But there’s one thing that still continues to bother a lot of us – the societal pressure, the fear of being judged. Blush has introduced ‘So Basically’, a series where celebrities unleash their renegade avatar that has been never seen before. Watch:

Kudos to you, Neha! Talking about the video, the actress said:

Ego massage for the society is passé, it’s time to go ahead and pamper yourself! Choose to live life the way you want because we are not here to please everyone. I completely resonate with the thought behind this video ‘So Basically‘ by Blush and I hope that we are able to spread this message far and wide.

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