Priyanka Chopra Won This Title In Victoria's Secret's 'What Is Sexy' List

Sukriti Gumber , 17 Apr 2017

Priyanka Chopra‘s achievements may be too long to list, but in the past year, her name has been on almost every cool list alongside other successful people. This time, she graced Victoria’s Secret‘s 2017 list of ‘What is Sexy’, which released yesterday.

The list names celebrities and social media sensations who are the sexiest in their profession – and PeeCee won the Sexiest Red Carpet Look! Some of the others who won are Taylor Swift for Sexiest Entertainer, Margot Robbie for Forever Sexy, Mandy Moore for Sexiest Actress, Nikki Reed for Sexiest Fitspiration, Lady Gaga for Sexiest Songstress and Vanessa Hudgens for Sexiest Style Risktaker.

Well deserved, PC!

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