Here's The Hilarious New Teaser Of Sarabhai v Sarabhai Season 2!

Shreemi Verma , 18 Apr 2017

We’re getting closer to the premiere of the second season of the cult classic Sarabhai v Sarabhai and this little teaser shows that none of the Sarabhais have lost their quirks. The au naturale Maya is as sassy as ever, Roshesh has managed to create poetry again, Indravadan is cracking jokes on Maya, Dushyant is mad, Monisha remains middle-class and Madhusudhan phupha still needs hearing aid. Poor Sahil is, as always, the sane one, stuck in the madness. Just seeing the teaser makes us all so happy!

But there’s a catch. You gotta help the Sarabhais with a name for the second season, else this family might tear each other’s head apart. Watch the video for more details –


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