Sara Khan has been shooting for her Pakistani show Bey Khudi alongside actor Noor Hassan. Their chemistry has been much appreciated and Sara was quick to find herself fans for her wonderful portrayal of Fiza on the show. Rumours of the actress being detained in the country’s jail was doing the rounds until Sara rubbished those rumours.

Now, news of her dating her co-star Noor has come to the fore. The two are reportedly extremely close and fond of each other and will announce their relationship soon. They post cute videos & photos of each other quite often too.

A source close to Sara told BL,

Sara has earned a lot of appreciation from everyone for her work in Bey Khudi. She is also dating Noor Hassan and the couple will make it official soon.

When BL contacted Sara, she laughed it off.

Hahahaha…As they say we are best friends.

Okay. What to believe? As they say, “we’re best friends” is a cover 99% of the times!