This New Eyebrow Trend Has Taken Over Instagram

This New Eyebrow Trend Has Taken Over Instagram

Natasha Patel

For today’s beauty news, we’re adding a bizarre eyebrow trend to the list: Feathered brows. Yes, this in fact done to have your eyebrows resemble a feather. MUA Stella Sironen is the force behind this trend that’s just a few days old, but is leaving quite a mark all over Instagram.

But just because these are “feathered brows” doesn’t mean they’re styled and shaped the same way you normally would to achieve those thick, Cara Delegivne-like eyebrows. The technique’s a bit different but the results are awe-worthy! On her IG feed, Stella credited glue stick (!!!) for achieving these on-trend brows. After which the arch hairs are split down the middle and combed away.

Here’s a close up:

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