Reverse Lashes Is The Strangest Beauty Trend We've Seen

Jyotika Udeshi , 19 Apr 2017

When it comes to beauty trends, it’s clear that there is no limit to all the experimentation. However, once in a while, there comes a trend that leaves us speechless. Take for example, the reverse lash trend.

Unlike the regular way of wearing falsies to open up your eyes, this fad involves flipping them around. This means that you glue on the tips of your falsies, instead of the root. The result? Dramatic, spidery lashes that look out of this world.

If you keen to try this trend out, remember to make your lashes the focus of your look. Bright eyeshadow and defined brows are the quickest way to bring attention to your funky lashes. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to pull it off:

For a less intense look, apply the falsies on either your lower or upper lash line, instead of on both. Metallic eye liner is also a great way to add a hint of glamour.

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