12 Women Reveal What They Feel About Having Sex On Their Period

Shreemi Verma , 20 Apr 2017

Period sex, though thankfully not a taboo anymore, is still a thing that is widely discussed. We know that having sex on your period is one of the safest times to do it, but like are women really open to doing the deed when their uterus looks like this?

The Shining
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We reached out to some women to share their thoughts on the same and here are the most interesting answers –

1) The one who couldn’t ‘let it go’ –


I’ve done it once, but didn’t enjoy it. I wasn’t in the space for it mentally – I didn’t feel sexy, and I couldn’t “let go” enough to enjoy it. Never say never, I guess, but I’m not likely to repeat it.

2) And the other who has got enough ‘fluids’ to deal with –

Kim Kardashian | Image Source: Instagram - @kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian | Image Source: Instagram – @kimkardashian

Never done it, and don’t think I want to either. There’s enough bodily fluids involved in regular sex, not keen to add another to the mix.

3) The one who is on the fence about it –

I wouldn’t want to have period sex because I feel it’s quite unhygienic. On the other hand, I did read somewhere that it is the most satisfying sex you will have and that is kind of an interesting thing to know.

4) She ‘can’t wrap her brain around it’ –

Bipasha Basu
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As much as I flaunt my ‘come hither’ attitude when it comes to sex, period sex is something I can’t wrap my brain around. The worst part is that it’s that time I want to do it the most (because stupid hormones). But no, I must behave because can’t unleash the Pandora’s box, at least not yet!

5) #HappyHumping –

Period sex is a no for me. Messy, smelly – I think I would have too many issues with it. Wouldn’t be able to commit to the moment. But full props to everyone who can do it – legend has it that the extra lubrication and extra sensitivity down there actually makes it CRAZY good for everybody. Sooo – go red or go home, I guess? #HappyHumping

6) Blood curling –

Source: giphy
Source: giphy

I am not averse to having sex when I am on my period. I tried it once, and it was normal just like any other time. But I probably won’t do it again as the sight of blood makes me quite sick and that’s the last thing I want to be when I am having sex. Also, my period barely lasts a couple of days. Not sure about the other party, but I can resist the urge for 2 days!

7) The one whose boyfriend ain’t into it –

Source | Giphy
Source | Giphy

Yes, I would totally do it. Maybe not in the first couple of hours of getting my period. But when your hormones are soaring, it’s a must to listen to Mother Nature… Sadly, my boyfriend won’t listen to either of us :(

8) You gotta do what you gotta do –

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Yes . But not in the first two days. I have observed a pattern , I feel like having sex during my period but only after the first two days. And I wouldn’t disagree that there has been that moment when I was in my period and feel horny at the same time. Well then you got to do what you got to do ;)

9) The one who can’t deal with the bloody mess (literally) –

Kareena Kapoor
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Personally, no. It’s a little too messy for my liking despite me wanting to do it the most around that time! (Don’t we all?) I don’t think I can deal with the aftermath, though I’ve heard that sex on your period is great!

10) All we need is love –

Arya Stark
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Only on 3rd day for me. Also weirdly I feel like period days I need love making more than just fucking when I’m on my period. Maybe I get emotional because of the hormones. No idea so better to do with lover than some fucker. And boobs more sore during period so no biting on boobies please.

11) Lahu muh lag gaya? –

Deepika Padukone
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More than me, my boyfriend loves it. He gets to do it without a condom sometimes (because they’re the ‘safe’ days) and honestly likes the extra lubrication the blood provides. He also has no problem going down on me during my period. So I guess it’s a good thing.

12) And finally, the baller –

I have sex everyday with or without period.

What are your thoughts about sex during period? Tell us in the comments below!

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