This TV Actress Was Asked To Lose Weight For A Show

Sukriti Gumber
Urvashi Dholakia
Urvashi Dholakia is still remembered for portraying the iconic Komolika Basu in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. The mother of two is known for her strong and uninhibited opinions, as we all saw in Bigg Boss 6, which she eventually went on to win
Body shaming is a sad reality and the best of us have fallen prey to it. Recently, Urvashi was also subjected to body shaming by a friend – who told her that she looked beautiful, but needed to lose some weight. The actress was quite miffed and vented out her emotions on social media. She wrote wrote:
I hate the thought of size zero. I love myself just the way I am! Be it healthy or healthier. It might be very easy for someone to tell me that I need to lose weight, but do they know I might be facing some issue? Nobody knows because of subacute intestinal obstruction, I was hospitalized for 15 days immediately after I won Bigg Boss. I was put on a low-fibre diet, which made me gain weight. I would have joined the gym, but then I decided to lose those extra kilos in an organic way, and it took time.
Urvashi also said that her body has changed with age and she cannot be expected to look the way she did 10 years ago. And she has the right idea about health:
Size-zero might be a yardstick for good health for someone, but according to this concept is utter bullshit. I feel healthy without being slim and don’t want to join the rat race of looking thin.
The actress also revealed that there was a time when she was given an ultimatum that unless she lost some weight, she would be sacked from a show. However, she managed to sail through and did not say anything as she was in dire need of work back then.
To be very frank, I was badly in need of work, that’s why at that time I couldn’t give them a dose of their own medicine.
You go, girl!
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