Saif Ali Khan Made Some Some Rather Bold Statements About The Azaan

Saif Ali Khan Made Some Some Rather Bold Statements About The Azaan

Divya Rao
Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan

Sonu Nigam has been in the news over the last week owing to his tweets and comments on the loudness of the Azaan. The actor still stands by his statement and said he doesn’t have a problem with the religion but with the use of loudspeakers. While most of Bollywood has been mum on the matter, Pooja Bhatt openly took a dig at him, hinting that the singer should be more liberal.

Now, Saif Ali Khan, who is known to be quite vocal has made his views on the matter heard. Here’s what he told Indian Express about the Azaan.

Don’t know who you are offending. At one level I agree, the lesser sound the better, there should be certain decibel levels allowed across religious practices. I also understand the amplification of the sound during azaan comes from insecurity. Not just here but also in Israel apparently where three different religions co-exist. It’s been written about so I believe it’s the same. As a minority, you would like to make your presence felt and hopefully accepted. If someone says that it should be extinguished, it will make some people little uncomfortable. As a precursor to some sort of holocaust, it’s the first thing you think of. There’s a bit of fear there.

He  also added that Sonu’s tweets were a tad bit aggressive.

It’s fine to express your views on the decibel levels. I think that tweet was a bit aggressive though, initially. And I do think religion should be a private affair and we should be a secular country.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Saif?